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Just like a steak – better underdone than over-cooked

More action on the menu…. The sailing team and coaches have arrived at Naples, Italy, for...

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Video: Round the clock repair job begins

CAMPER has arrived in Puterto Montt and a round the clock repair job has swung into action to get the boat back racing as...

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Audio: Coxy on the first day of repairs

Hamish gets an update from CAMPER Shore Manager Neil ‘Coxy’ Cox on how the repair job is progressing and what...

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Audio: Nico on reaching Puerto Montt

As CAMPER arrived into Puerto Montt yesterday afternoon Hamish had a quick chat to skipper Chris Nicholson

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Video: Welcome to Puerto Montt

On board video from CAMPER as they motor into Puerto Montt and receive a warm welcome from some local sailors and the...

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A welcoming part for CAMPER as they approach Puerto Montt

CAMPER arrives in Puerto Montt for repairs

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has arrived in the Chilean port of Puerto Montt where a permanent repair job will be...

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A Chilean flag presented by the Chilean Navy is hoisted on CAMPER

A warm welcome in chilly Chile

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER It is very chilly in Chile. We have had a very cold day on deck motoring...

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Rob Salthouse

Steak for dinner and some special fans

CAMPER trimmer/driver and Kiwi sailing veteran Rob ‘Salty’ Salthouse blogs from on board CAMPER Well we...

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Video: Time to get repairs underway

On board video from CAMPER as they officially suspend racing in Leg Five and begin motoring up to Puerto Montt for repairs.

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Audio: The next stage of the marathon

Hamish talks to CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson as CAMPER officially suspends racing in Leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race and...

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Fjords, chicken legs and land in sight

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER At sundown we only had just over 30 miles until we reach first land of...

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CAMPER in delivery mode as they suspend racing

CAMPER officially suspends racing for repair job

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has officially suspended racing in Leg Five of the Volvo Ocean Race and began the 180...

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The replacement parts for CAMPER prior to being flown out to Chile

Puerto CAMPER ready to roll

CAMPER Shore Manager Neil ‘Coxy’ Cox blogs from Puerto Montt where him and his team are standing by awaiting...

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Video: The Southern Ocean lived up to its reputation

As CAMPER closes in on Puerto Montt, Rob Salthouse reflects on the conditions that caused the damage that made the team take...

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Audio: The repair job ahead

As CAMPER nears Puerto Montt Hamish talks to CAMPER trimmer/driver Rob Salthouse about the repair job ahead and the work...

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