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The holy grail of ocean sailing

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER Finally we have reached and rounded one of the Holy Grails of ocean...

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The brutal reality of the Southern Ocean on CAMPER

Around Cape Horn and heading north

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has rounded the legendary sailors landmark of Cape Horn at the southernmost tip of...

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Rob Salthouse

An amazing effort

CAMPER trimmer/driver and Kiwi sailing veteran Rob ‘Salty’ Salthouse blogs on the team’s time in Puerto...

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Video: The allure of Cape Horn

With CAMPER due to round Cape Horn in a few hours the crew reflect on the significance of Cape Horn, what it means to sail...

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Animal hard at work on a Suduku puzzle while on standby watch on board CAMPER

Culture Vultures & Cape Horn

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER By this time tomorrow, all things going well and going to plan we should...

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CAMPER pointing her bow south

CAMPER flying south

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand is heading south at speed as the team makes good progress towards Cape Horn in strong...

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Video: Heading south

On board video from CAMPER as they head south towards Cape Horn and use the time at sea to get some cleaning jobs done and...

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Audio: Some questions for Trae….

Hamish talks to CAMPER trimmer/driver, Kiwi sailing legend and all round nice guy Tony ‘Trae’ Rae.

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Roberto Bermudez De Castro and Andy McLean in standby watch onboard CAMPER

It’s getting cold out there…

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER Today was a cold and lethargic day onboard CAMPER. Things just seemed that...

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The stack is shifted aboard CAMPER as they race towards Itajai

Heading for Cape Horn

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand is steadily heading south and making good progress towards Cape Horn. 48 hours after...

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Video: Back in action

After a frantic pit stop in Puerto Montt, CAMPER has resumed racing and is back in action in Leg 5

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CAMPER back in her element

CAMPER’s Easter ressurection

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER Is it appropriate that our CAMPER’s leg and campaign is resurrected on...

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Rob Salthouse on the helm as CAMPER heads down the fjord to resume racing

CAMPER back in action

After four long days CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand’s pit stop is complete and the team will shortly resume racing...

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A big thanks

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER It has been roughly 4 days since we arrived in Puerto Montt. It seems like...

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CAMPER back on the road

CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson blogs from on board CAMPER We got underway this morning at 3am local time. It has...

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