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Video: The shore files

Another instalment from our occasional series profiling the CAMPER shore crew. This time it’s the turn of team physio...

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A good result and a tight race

CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson blogs from Miami Hi all, It is 24 hours since we arrived in Miami and with the boat...

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Andrew Mclean and Rob Salthouse enjoy a champagne moment

CAMPER takes a hard fought second

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has taken a hard fought second in Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race. After an intense...

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Video: A good leg

The final on board video from CAMPER for Leg 6 as they reflect on a hard fought second place and a despite first place...

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Video: The final sprint

It’s the final few miles of Leg 6 and things are neck and neck between CAMPER and Puma with plenty of potholes left in...

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Keeping a close eye on the competition

The ups and downs of skeds

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER The emotional ups and downs of winning and losing miles with each sked are...

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Tight courses, light breeze – the Venice challenge

Not much of this expected in Venice… Dean Barker’s take on a different sort of...

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Looking for breeze on CAMPER

Leg 6 to go down to the wire

The battle for Leg 6 honours looks set to go down to the wire with just 14 nautical miles between CAMPER with Emirates Team...

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Video:Trying to stay calm in the calm

On board video from CAMPER as the crew are frustrated by calm conditions and a lack of wind

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The CAMPER crew restacking in the light

A close and frustrating race

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER The closeness of this boat race amazes me at times. Time and time again...

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Sun set on CAMPER

A game of snakes and ladders in the light

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand’s tactical battle continues with the team closing to within eight nautical miles...

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Nico on deck during leg 6

CAMPER’s island tour

Chris Nicholson blogs from on board CAMPER Hi all It’s now Day Fourteen of Leg Six and as I predicted in my last...

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Audio: Hamish Hooper uncovered

He’s normally the man behing the mircophone, but today the tables are turned and Tony Rae asks CAMPER’s Media...

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Video: A tricky day of sailing

Latest on board video from CAMPER as the light conditions make for some very tricky sailing conditions

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VIDEO: History goes to make room for the AC72

The old Team New Zealand base on the Auckland Viaduct Harbour is being demolished to make way for the AC72. The base, home...

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