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Happy Birthday to a team institution

Tony Rae or ‘Trae’ as he’s known to most is somewhat of an institution at Emirates Team New Zealand. His...

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A big day as the cat comes home

The build of Emirates Team New Zealand’s AC72 catamaran entered its final phase today with the arrival of the major...

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The Shore Files: The Sail Makers

Walk into the CAMPER shore base and the most obvious thing that confronts you is the large sail loft. The work of...

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Nico at the helm of Groupama with Frank Cammas and Mike Sanderson next to him

Nico Sees Triple

Multihulls can polarise sailors. It used to be you were either into them or you weren’t. That however is now changing and...

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Video: A roller-coaster 8 months

Some eight months ago the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race got underway in Alicante, Spain. Since then it has been roller-coaster...

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Great to be back at Newport

Coach Rod Davis blogs on feeling good about being back at Newport …

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CAMPER feeling the full force of the conditions during Leg 8

Leg 8 Review: Short, Brutal, and Trying

The Leg 8 race from Lisbon to Lorient was short, but it was anything but sweet. From a long painful stretch of reaching, to...

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VIDEO: Dean Barker looks ahead to Newport

The sailing team is off to the Newport America’s Cup World Series regatta, the last of the 2011-2012 season....

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The school of hard knocks

Leg 8 may have been the shortest to date but it took a heavy toll on the sailors. Massive seas and 40 knot plus winds left...

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Grant Dalton and Nick Holroyd at Cookson Boats

Everything you need to know about designers

Emirates Team New Zealand technical director Nick Holroyd with Grant Dalton at Cookson Boats where...

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Video: The Shore Files

Over the course of the Volvo Ocean Race we’ve been taking the occasional in-depth look at the work of CAMPER’s...

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Nico pushing CAMPER to the limit in Leg 8

A good result and ready for more

CAMPER skipper Chris Nicholson blogs from Lorient following the finish of Leg 8 Hi all, What a leg! That would have to be...

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The CAMPER crew back on the podium

CAMPER digs deep to return to the podium

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand has taken second in Leg 8 of the Volvo Ocean Race after a gritty fight that saw the...

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CAMPER heading for the finish line

The end is in sight

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER You know you are getting close to the finish when you have helicopters...

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Video: Wipe Out

Amazing on board footage from CAMPER as they are wiped out by a huge wave in the North Atlantic as they battle an intense...

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