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It has been a big week of racing with Luna Rossa for the Emirates Team New Zealand sailing team on the Hauraki Gulf in...

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A week of it – training hard with Luna Rossa

Photographer Chris Cameron spends a lot of his working life on the water. When the Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 goes...

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Emirates Team New Zealand grinder Christian Ward. 6/3/2013

22 years with the team and still going strong

Grinder Chris Ward is one of the longer serving members of Emirates Team New Zealand. He never set out to be a professional...

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Changes in the sailing landscape

Grant Dalton blogs on the happenings of the past few weeks …. I hadn’t  written...

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Video: putting in the hours

What the word from inside the sailing team? They’re often asked the question: “What’s it going to be like?...

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Mayor joins the team on board the AC72

Auckland Mayor Len Brown joined Emirates Team New Zealand this week for a late afternoon sail on the AC72. It was a good day...

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Video: great ride on a race day

The AC72 testing programme in Auckland has gained new urgency as the team counts down towards the day we must pack up the...

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Watch and be watched – it’s the America’s Cup

Surveillance is part of America’s Cup life. Everyone does it. Coach Rod Davis muses on what can be learned –...

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Emirates Team New Zealand sail NZL5 in practice on the Hauraki Gulf. 20/2/2013

Time to get a few hero shots

Photographer Chris Cameron blogs in praise of ‘hero’ shots… It...

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‘Cat suits’ just the job at 40 plus knots

 Dressed for anything …. Chris McAsey (right) and Adam Beashel get a rare moment of rest...

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VIDEO: the changing of the afterguard ….

Things have changed on the “back of the boat” now that the America’s Cup is all about catamarans. These...

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Emirates Team New Zealand sail NZL5 in practice on the Hauraki Gulf. 20/2/2013

Breeze is up and the big cat pushes it….

Photographer  Chris Cameron can’t get enough of the big cat. “No two days are the same. It’s different...

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Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL5 sailing for the third day of testing. 15/2/2013

Nerves of steel required to hop aboard the big cat

New Zealand Herald reporter Dana Johannsen hitches a ride on Team NZ’s new AC72 as it tests on the Hauraki...

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VIDEO: Getting Boat 2 up to speed

After the completion of the third day of sailing on its new AC72, the hours are beginning to mount up. With each hour on the...

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Second day testing the new AC72 – pictures

The new AC72 was out on the Hauraki Gulf again on Thursday. Chris Cameron’s pictures are

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