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Thoughts turning to a quick pit stop

A sunset gathering on CAMPER

Hamish Hooper blogs from on board CAMPER

Adam’s is on fire with his French. He has it playing in his ears each time he goes to sleep. I think it was Homer Simpson who did that and miraculously woke up being able to speak another language just like that so I am wondering if Adam thinks it might happen to him.

In the meantime he has learnt another great line. “Despite my rugged offshore sailor looks, I am actually a really sensitive guy.”

Again, not much has changed onboard, other than we are now less than 600 nm until the entrance to the fiord, which takes us to Porto Montt.

News came from shore today from Coxy that all is primed and ready for our arrival. His adjectives of beauty of the place were like poetry off a page and described it as a mix of New Zealand, Ireland and Norway. There were enquiries as to what exactly he was talking about.

He is far too professional to be talking of anything but the location.

The one man onboard who was most excited by it all though without a doubt was Salty. The fiords are rumored to be teeming with fat salmon, as Porto Montt is the salmon capital of Chile. He is just waiting to unleash his fishing lure of insatiability on the poor fish and I think expecting to pull at least one fish each for all onboard.

At least it will provide some good entertainment for a part of the 160 odd miles we must travel from the entrance to the dock.

Word also came in today that Abu Dhabi will be joining us in Porto Montt, however we are uncertain if they plan to put Azzam on a ship or are quietly plotting a sneak shore team assault to fix their damage and be on their way before us.

I doubt it makes much difference to Coxy and our guys who are poised like an F1 pit crew ready to shred carbon as soon as the lines are tied off on the dock.

Either way it will be good to see our fellow competitors reach land safely as well and share a story or two of uncertain times.

Will has been keeping a close eye on all things weather, a hawk eye on our competitor’s movements and anything remotely important to our racing in this leg. He wasn’t the only one relieved we weren’t heading for Ushuaia upon seeing an approaching monster low front with up to 70 knots winds which we could be in the think of had we taken the more southerly pit stop option.

Hopefully this blows though and we will have a more favorable passage in roughly a week’s time.

There is optimistic questioning today as to the temperature having increased, I am not so convinced, my feet are still frozen and you still want to be wearing at least 5 layers of clothes to spend any time on deck.

“The forecast looks good for us to get to shore, all is prepped and ready for our arrival. Even thought we have been planning for this for some days now, our focus is gravitating back towards when we rejoin this leg. “- CHRIS NICHOLSON


  1. Good luck with the lethal lure hope it brings a bit of something new to your trip maybe chuck a lure on for you’re return out of the fiords great stuff guys

    gareth - April 1, 2012 at 8:49 pm
  2. Great writing, Hamish!
    Really enjoyed it!

    siim - April 2, 2012 at 7:33 am
  3. Kia ora, if Adam wants to make progress in southern Chile, he migfht need languages other than Chile.

    Good luck with the salmon steaks!

    Cook them like schnapper. Seared in a hot pan!

    Roger Boshier - April 2, 2012 at 8:10 am

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